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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Getting to the Heart of the Matter........

This marks my 170th post! Wow...have I had that much to say? Some would agree...some not:) I've blogged about everything from church, family, school, community, friends, politics, pet peeves, and so on and so on. Somehow between the 1st post and the 169th post, I've pushed back the real reason of my blogging. Maybe that's where "it" stays....pushed back in the far corner of my mind....ever present....but just back far enough to allow life to go on. The "it" of course is Mom being on the heart transplant list. Maybe I've not talked much about "it" for her. She is not one for wanting attention. I certainly don't want to hurt her. But it seemed to have hit me, again, like a ton of bricks today. Out of the blue...wham.... Maybe I like to think if I don't write about it, then everything must be okay. Well yes she is okay for now, but.... I don't like buts. So therefore, I'm not saying it:)

I visited with Mawmaw today. She gave Mom and my aunt a little scare early this morning, when my aunt received a call from her hospice nurse. She was having chest pains. She is better and I went to eyeball her for Mom. We had a nice little talk and as always she felt impelled to be helping me or somebody. She felt like a burden. To which I told she was not and never would be. She said she is not good with just setting. Yeah, makes my heart hurt too. She is the epitome of gracefulness.

Mom is just like her. That's why you will see Mom out and about with IV bag in in this chic new bag my friend TW brought home from PF, TN...especially for Mom. BTW....don't know if she ever told you...but she hearts it!! Her transplant doctor even commented on how stylish it was. Every woman knows you can handle anything with a great bag and some kicking shoes:) Mom's is the black/white one.

Okay back to my point. I have lots of questions/fears about heart transplants. No doubt about that. So I google it. My question today was, "why is it so hard for her to get one with her antibodies?" What I found was since Mom had multiple pregnancies and with each pregnancy her body produced antibodies in response to foreign proteins. So to find a donor match that has her same blood type and the donor, after tested, does not show many antigens that she has antibodies against, well, to say the least may be a little harder to find. I didn't say impossible...just harder. What comforts me is nothing is too hard for God.

As we map out which road to take, where to meet, who to call when she is here or there, all boils down to a wait. Thankfully, she is responding well to the IV treatment plan. God has a plan. We pray for her strength, patience and His will to be done.

Many more questions and feelings come into play here. Something that will take several posts to cover. I'll spare you today. Just one question at a time. Feel free to comment. Discussion is good for the soul.

Thanks for all your prayers and kind words, we couldn't make it without you.



sharon said...

NEVER forget God is in control. Everything is in His time. The wait just may be an answer to prayer. Who knows
Love ya, Sharon

Melissa Lea said...

Sooo.... where to start.... I was reading your blog when you came in the store today! Yeah I know I wasn't doing much work was I! ;-) Anyways I know what its like to watch someone you love so much go through sickness and pain. It just makes you want to be the one who has the problem instead of them. I know when they diagnosed my mother with cancer I thought...well that's it. She will be gone in no time. I dont know why, I just did! Isn't that awful? I have seen way to many people die with cancer in such a short amount of time. And just to think that I thought that and today my mother is cancer free now for 5 years. WOW! What an awesome God! All I can say to you is what I said to myself at that time in my life. It's my favorite Bible verse....For nothing is impossible with God! Luke 1:37
I truly believe that today and I know that your mother,in the Lords time, will get her heart and it will be a great one! Your mom is such a special person and I know that the Lord will and is taking such great care of her!!
Just know that you guys are in our prayers!

Cindy said...

As a wife of a kidney transplant patient, I can understand your list of questions. I will be praying for your family as you continue to wait and trust in God's love.

Julie said...

I just found your blog from Lysa's.

I found out last night that my dad has an incurable lung disease. I don't think it's really settled into my mind yet. We are waiting on the prognosis....

It was nice to come here and read of your story.

Thanks for sharing. It's nice to meet you.


Amy L Brooke said...

I just said a prayer for you and your mom. Thanks for stepping out and sharing.