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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

McCain totally rocked the Republican Party with Palin's nomination as his Vice President running mate all on the anniversary of women's suffrage. So let's see what you think? Will Palin help or hurt McCain? This is taking into consideration the latest news about her pregnant teenage daughter, the investigation going on into the firing episode with her sisters' husbands' boss, and her husbands drunk driving arrest some years ago. Hope I got all that right? Anyway it was definitely a shocker. Hubby just heard about her this morning when he turned to the news. Needless to say we don't watch a lot of TV. But even I watched the special news conference the day he officially announced Palin as his choice.:) To which hubby would say I have nothing do:)

As for me, I don't think we can judge her by her children's behavior. Yes, we as parents are the most influential in our children's upbringing, but let's remember why we are called teenagers during those 13-19 years. No matter how much church they get or discipline they receive, kids will be kids, they will disappoint......I know I cannot cast the first stone. As parents we pray that they will follow God's direction for their life, but like us, they are human. Not approving of the situation, just being realistic and sympathetic.

The press is nasty. To me this is below the belt kind of punch. What we need to do as a nation is to pray diligently for the campaign and Palin and her family. I cannot fathom the anguish she and her family must be going through at the time, not to mention having to deal with a campaign. Let's pray for our own children that they will forever be strong enough to resist the wiles of the Devil and not fall prey to his tricks.

On the other hand, I also see that Palin must have known what kind of spotlight this would be on her family. But what she portrayed to me was a woman who loves her family and has strong convictions. Is this VP worthy? Probably. Every political figure has their buried chest of things they would rather keep buried. Don't we all?

Yes, I am a woman. And it did kick it up a notch for McCain. I'm just saying. Who would have thought that Republicans could be the first to have a woman elected VP? I was floored. It struck me as somewhat funny. What a contrast. Not funny, she can't do the job, funny seeing an old war veteran and a mother of five.....talking about bridging the gap.

One thing is for sure, it woke me up and got my attention to the campaign. I have been praying for this election and the future of our country, but was not following it that close. Now I'm researching and watching the news on a daily basis. I guess McCain accomplished what he set out to........ at least with me.

I pray and hope for God's will to be done in this election. God is in control. It's up to the people to heed to His call. After all He gives us a choice. Let's choose God!

So, let's have us a poll. It's over on the right side of the page at the top. Check it out and by all means vote! God Bless America!


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