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Friday, January 30, 2009


40:3-5 Job answered:
"I'm speechless, in awe—words fail me. I should never have opened my mouth! I've talked too much, way too much. I'm ready to shut up and listen." The Message
I'm speechless too! When God speaks in that mighty of a way, what else can you say.
You know as a parent there are times when you are trying to explain to a defiant child why you did this or that, and all they want to do is argue with you? So you have to resort to your loud voice:) and say hey, just who do you think brought you into this world:), now be quiet and listen to me!! Well, I feel God had, had enough of Job's mouth! Oh how many times has He had enough of my mouth? Ooooh way too many I'm afraid. And He gets my attention. It may not be through the whirlwind that Job heard Him, but I know. Thankfully He gave me a conscious. You know when you have done wrong.
I can't wait to read what happens in tomorrow's conversation between God and Job.
Have a great weekend,


Wendy L said...

I'm gonna have to stop reading your blog until I get caught up in my new chrono Bible!! I'm so excited, I have only read the first week and I have learned so much, it is diffently a easier read than the regular Bible layout.
Thanks for picking it for me (Jeff too).

Sit-N-Chat said...

Enjoyed reading here. Will visit again.


sharon said...

That is one of my favorite passages. When I read it, I feel like I have watched Animal Planet or the program I watched on Sunday nights when I was a child, Wild Kingdom. Sometimes we need a good jolt. God needs to ask us, "just who do you think you are?"

Cindy said...

Just stopped by to say hi and thanks for praying.

Job - Oh - Job - Sometimes I feel like him in all ways!