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Monday, January 12, 2009

Sick in Body/Reaping in the Spirit

After a bought with ear infections, swollen glands, etc.:)...whine....I needed yesterday. It was a good day in the Lord! I woke yesterday morning with a feeling of nostalgia. I began humming some of the old hymnals and could see the faces of saints gone on that sang those songs with such heartfelt convictions. The church service was on this note also. Lots of song requests in memory of some dear old saints!
As I have been reading the accounts of Abraham and his lineage, it reminds me that I need to be more mindful of my actions. My prayer is to leave behind to my family that yes, she loved the Lord! Through all the deceit, murder, rape, etc. we've been reading, God was faithful through it all. We need family! And with Jacob and Esau we see how God worked in both of their lives to mend the fences. Forgiveness isn't easy, but it is what we are instructed to do through God's Holy Word. With much prayer and reading the Bible we can do this.
Applying this to my matter how filthy and wretched I am, God loves me anyway. He doesn't approve and most certainly calls to mind my sins, but he loves me. Unconditionally!
I pray to keep this zeal all the year through and the rest of my life. This reading has been just what the Doctor ordered!
God is so good,
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Cindy said...

I am so glad you are enjoying spending time in God's Word.

This post is an inspiration to me.

Deedra said...

Amen! I am loving reading this way and some days can't quite stop reading where that days reading stops! We had a great service as well, I am praying for a great revival in our community.....and beyond!!