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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Prepare for the unexpected

Update: I've had a few requests for a pic....and the sad part of it.......I almost did:) ROFL!!!

My kids refer to my legs as, "bird legs." Well, they might as well change that thought to, "hurt legs." 'Cause they (boys) are constantly stepping on my just mashed my foot. No matter if I were to trip and land on top of my's my legs that take the beating....and I have the scars to prove it.

Yesterday, as I was trying to do a good deed, I slashed my leg into:) Before I explain, may I ask why it is that when we try and do something good, some pain comes my way. I am a klutz. Making no excuses here.

So here's the scene:

- Hot

-4 of us in said truck (not built for 4 long legged bodies)

-me and son #2 decide to swap places

-did I mention it was hot

-decrepit truck has no A/C

-trying to swap seats with son #2....and ripped 4 inches of hide off my lie.

-blood....lots of blood....still bleeding today

-Hubby says it "probably" doesn't need stitches

And I laughed at Lisa and her toe:) lol!!! Not laughing at you, just that I can relate:) ROFL!!!! So, Luke if you are reading this....I'm expecting a get well card!

To add some spiritual revelation here, I thought of what a lady at church said Sunday. After experiencing some health problems, she is praying and asking God to show her what He is trying to teach her through it. After having a fit(anybody besides me have these:)) over a cut leg, I immediately thought of what she had said Sunday. After having me a hissy fit in the hot truck, I began to think of what this lady said. God what are you trying to tell me here? We are trying to do good, I have nothing with me to fix the cut, and on a time crunch.

But I did.

Fix it.

And yes we made it on time.

I think I must be the type of person who needs a painfully visual reminder that I am here to do God's will and not mine! "In all thy ways acknowledge him, and He shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:6

Very trivial thing to cut your leg, should be and it was...not trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill here, just everyday life that's how I handle life that makes me stop and think......"God what are you trying to teach me?"



K. Tilley said...

Oh man, I thought we might get a picture of the Leg.......LOL

Anonymous said...

i need to see a picture to make sure this is not a case of total exaggeration.

Cheryl said...

Oh girl! are you O.K.? Sorry to hear you had a bad day. I know what you mean though, I was weed eating today and something popped me right in the face and ooohhhh how it hurt! Well, I did not have any marks but it surely did not feel to good. Hope the leg is much better now. Have a good week girlfriend! Tell Myra hello and I miss her!