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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Preview of the new Fall 2008 Styles for Child-Rearing Mom's

My precious son #1 told me that I looked like a pilgrim today:)

Me-Say what?

Son #1-Yeah, what's up with the black and white?

Me-Again...say what?

I love the honesty of teenagers! However, he could have kept that one to himself:) lol!!!

As for the black dress and white cardigan....1) I didn't have to iron it and 2) I was trying to make it look like I wasn't attending a funeral.......guess it didn't work.

I dislike ironing.

I love the fact that my kids care enough about themselves to let me know when I'm embarrassing them by looking like a pilgrim, in the middle of town, standing in front of these statues:) ROFL!

We're having a blast this summer:) lol!!


Pilgrim Mom

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Deedra said...

I'd hate to hear what they have to say about my wardrobe lately (post baby!) shirt, or black tshirt?? reeeally dark capris or jeans?, Pilgrim would probably be an improvement!