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Friday, July 11, 2008

Another devotion today girls/guys! When it comes to work, the first word/person that pops into my mind is my Dad. This word describes him to a tee! His favorite song in the church hymnal is, "Work for the night is coming!" We always used to grin as children and still do, when he requests this song. I know he is thinking spiritually minded, but we cannot help but think, yeah, this is all you think, work, work! So, it's especially hard to see him at home, asleep, this days:) lol!!! My parents are getting older:( My kids think I'm a big fat liar, because of all the stories I have told them about how I dreaded to see Spring Break or Summer come....I knew it I wasn't abused, like my kids think abuse....chores:)....the boys just flat crack me up over that one! But yes, we did have work to do. I look back now and actually appreciate my parents for making me pick up rocks, hoe sticky bushes out of pastures, garden, mow the yard, rack hay...not in a barn....I'm talking tractor and several get the picture:)
My pastor mentioned something similar to this in his sermon about how a grandfather had made his grandchildren work all day, all the while they were begging to stop. He wanted them to have the satisfaction of persevering until the end. Seeing that something they began, even though it was tough, being finished and getting the feeling of accomplishment, when wanting to give up seemed the best option at the time.
Lately, I've struggled with work/stay at home tug-of-war. I am in no way a workaholic, but I do find satisfaction in it. I'm one of those Moms who loves her children to pieces, but yet has to work. Not saying we don't need the money, 'cause who doesn't, but we could manage. It's just there is something in me that desires and has a....I just can't think of a word here....need to work. Weird, I know. My Mom doesn't quite figure me out, and neither do I, but it's just me. And that's the only person I know to be. So while having the Mommy blues, I'm asking God to reveal to me the person/Mom he wants me to be. I keep reading/hearing, "stay the course, finish the race, and today He spoke these words to me through the devotion...."Don't just work hard, work for the right reasons!"
"God measures with a different yardstick."
"He won't ask what kind of car you drive, but how many people you gave rides to.
He won't ask the square footage of your home, but how you raised your children and treated your family.
He won't ask about the brand names in your closet, but who you helped to clothe.
He won't ask about your salary, but how much you invested into the building of His kingdom.
He won't ask you about your job title, but if you tried to perform with excellence and integrity. He won't ask how many friends you had, but how many people you were a friend to.
He won't ask what neighborhood you lived in, but if you loved your neighbor.
He won't ask about your politics or the color of your skin, but about the quality of your character."
Lots to swallow!
But I know that if I put God first, He will take care of the rest!
As for the work song, Dad was right on target. No matter what place we are in our lives, time of day it is, season of the year, we have to continue His work until He returns. I want to hear my Heavenly Father say, " well done, my good and faithful servant."
Proverbs 3:6, "Put God first, and He your efforts with success."
For His kingdom, I'm praying that I will Work......... for the night is coming!


Cheryl said...

How is the leg?? Hope you are having a good day. You have a really good post today! I can remember how hard your Dad always worked! and your Mom! They are both really good, hard working people. You have really been blessed with good parents. Have a good weekend! Love You!

K. Tilley said...

Great post, I grew up singing that song but it takes on new meaning with every phase of my life.

I normally only read the blogs of people I know but have just taken the time to look at some "new ones" for myself. I have spent the last hour squaling my eyeballs out at "Bring the rain" website. Oh my, such a beautiful family with such a heartbreaking event in their lives.

Also, I found "Alaskalovestory" on Britt's webpage.......hometown girl.......this is why my house still isn't clean!!! I have got to get off of this computer!!!!

Shaunta said...

I love that devotion! I have read it before in emails. It is so true!

It is Harve Giles. Paula has a little girl who is around 5 as well as the new little bundle who has yet to arrive. Pawpaw's neighbor from the other side of the house said that she is really upset about it all and is having a really rough time. Thanks for praying! I haven't known JC too long but he is family and very special, and Harve isn't family but may as well be!