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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Let me start by saying I'm on vacation this week.....and still at home:) Yeah, the boys are loving this:) We had so much fun yesterday! With their help, we shucked, silked and bagged 80+ gallon size freezer bags=around 500 ear of corn:) I'm still :) However, they are not. This is the usual pilgrimage to some hot, sandy beach where we sit under an umbrella and apply sunscreen, noxema, gold bond powder, and make a ER visit:) We decided to chill this year and just be:) Well, at least for a couple of days anyway. We will do something! Just let me recuperate from what the boys believe was straight from the movie, "children of the corn." Oh please:)
What does eggless have to do with today's post? Vacation brings on lots of things.
1) No grocery shopping the week before.
3)Vehicle maintenance.
4)Checking the many lists off.
5)So on and so know the drill.
No problemo.
Well, one slight problem. The guys don't take to kindly to being without some grub. Okay me too:) But, I won't break vacation rule #1.
Which leads me to being eggless. I never knew how much I needed them. Every scrap of food left in the cupboards required an egg. What do I do? Google it of course:)
And to my surprise these were two suggestions given:
1) banana
2) sour cream
So far I have used a banana as a substitute in my peanut butter cookie recipe and sour cream in the brownies.
Son #2 refused to eat the cookies even though he made them because of the naner. I think if he didn't know it was in there he would have eaten it, 'cause son #1 lapped them right up...never quenched.
The brownies were divine too!
It's amazing what you can trump up with remnants of this and that:)
If all else fails...WE WILL EAT SOME CORN!
Ya'll have a good week!
Until next time....May God Bless you,

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Cheryl said...

Oh girl now that sounds like a real vacation!! Really.....I can't remember taking a vacation and actually getting to stay at home for a week!! I would love it. I know what you mean about trying to get ready for vacation. I hate it!! Hope you have a great week!!