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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Meeting, Cell Phone, and City Cop......
Okay so I'm ahead of schedule.....(should have known by that, something would happen) a meeting, the cell phone rings, I'm digging for the phone, all the while approaching an intersection making a right turn, trying to miss the curb, happen chance I look in my rear view and what do my wandering eyes see......a city cop chasing after me:)
Blue lights and all!
Right at the red light for all to see!
Wonder how long he had been behind me?
I scramble for my insurance which billfold did I put that thing in?
Bingo...found it and my license...whew!
Mr. City Cop asks me if I knew my license plate would expire in a day. Sure I knew that. Added bonus...the tags receipts and license plate were laying in the passenger seat. Last time I checked it wasn't a felony to wait until the last day to actually put them on my car:) So, I ask him what I was doing wrong. To which he replied I was doing 55 in a 35. Oh well, I'm so sorry. You see I'm trying to get to a meeting and I needed to be early, and I'm a little nervous about what I'm getting myself into at this meeting, yata, yata, blubber, blubber.
I sit and wait.
For what I thought would be an enormous ticket....for several minutes he had me wait.
Whew.....a warning!
Thank you sir!
I made it to the meeting. On time.
And what a blessing it turned out to be.
What a lesson it taught me......the meeting that is. Warning Ticket was just another speed bump in the road, saying slow down Carrie.....not saying I'm not thankful it was just a warning. 'Cause I am thankful!
But Faith that God is in control....not only in my spiritual life, but he wants it too!
It's not easy. I'm not promised that all my problems will evaporate because I have it. What faith gives me is the endurance needed when a cop comes my way:), when I hear bad news, when the money runs tight, when car breaks down, when sickness comes, when job situations arise. Anything life throws at me, I can face it knowing I have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He is my everything. All I need to do is breathe it in and exhale the good news about Him.
Like the good 'ole song says, "I'm trusting, trusting in His word, He promised me a home above, I'm trusting, trusting in His word......"
Ya'll that's all that matters!

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K. Tilley said...

Those Rainsville cops will getcha!

I almost hit a cop in the rear-end the other day because he pretty much came to a complete stop in front of me to turn around and chase a car that was speeding.....I thought "you fool!"