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Monday, July 14, 2008

Lot of things to talk about......

Update: Doctor told Mom, "no more jumping on the bed", ;) lol!!!, no seriously, he told her that everything seemed okay, except she would have to come off her fluid Rx for a while. So, she is still on the IV pic line and will be until she gets a heart. They didn't move it (IV line) to her chest, and I forgot to ask when they will. So far so good! Keep praying for God's will to do done. I know "it" will happen in His time and for His glory!

Just got off the phone with Mom, and her heart cath, you know the one she dreads, went good! Praise the Lord! We dread this for her every time she is scheduled to have one. So we asked for extra special prayers to make this an easy one, and He doesn't disappoint! She is waiting to see the doctor, so when I hear from that visit, I'll update!

We are childless! No elaboration needed:)

My head is spinning.....sinus....again:)

Well, I can't help but elaborate on the childless thing. The grandparents were so kind to take the boys on a little adventure. They left yesterday morning early and are due back Thursday. What to do? Hubby takes me out to eat and a little shopping:) My new favorite "Abuelos". I don't even like Mexican restaurants. But this place is awesome. I think all the hot foods got my sinuses loose....hince...the head spinning thing:) Joy! We even watched a whole movie..."The Pursuit of Happyness".....cried like a baby......crying + sinus=supercharged head spinning:)

Now, I just miss them:(

Thanks for your prayers,



Cheryl said...

Hope you get that sinus problem taken care of really soon! I know that can be miserable! Enjoy yourself while the kids are gone! I know you miss them! Have a good week! God Bless~

Anonymous said...

Time away always makes them appreciate you more, well usually! Hope you feel better!

Deedra said...

I hope you're having a great week...even without the kiddos! If you get to missing them too bad, feel free to drop in over can change a diaper or 10 and think about the good ole days!