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The nice part about living in a small town: When you don't know what you're doing, someone else always does.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Shake a Snake!
As if I needed more excitement.....

I heard the boss say, "hey, somebody get me a broom." That somebody was me and the broom was for a snake:) Yeah me!

I just swept a baby black snake into a garbage can......just so the boss could let the thing go:) Yeah, it was making it's way up the hall in our office.

Now we're on the lookout for the momma:)




Cheryl said...

Oh girl, I just hate those things! I have seen a few this summer, actually that makes a few to many. I have heard that human hair will keep them from coming close, so everytime Ross shaves his head or his Dad's, I take the hair and spread it around the house!! Is that crazy or what?? I try about anything to keep them away.

Deedra said...

LET IT GO? I hope you don't see anything of the mama snake! or the brothers & sisters! ewww!