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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

14 years ago today.....

I was 22 years old and mooing (yes, that's the sound I got from brother everytime he saw me) into the hospital to have our first son. What a day that was. The lobby was full of family and friends anxiously awaiting the arrival. They just didn't know it would be a 20 hour wait. They hung in there with us and got to see this cute little...excuse me....big (9lb 8oz, 22 1/2 inches long, 4 week early) baby boy. Imagine if I would have carried him full term:) My brother weighed in at 11 lbs, so if Mom could do it, surely I could......not!

I was out cold and didn't even recognize him the next day they brought him to me, 'cause the brief moment I was awake....Hubby took him and ran. I'll save the postpartum blues details for another date....let's just say we didn't know about the PPB back then:) Hubby was considering drastic measures.....a safe place...that is:)

Which leads me to another funny. While trying to get into emergency surgery to have him, the nurses are trying to find Hubby to get him in his little scrubs:) To no avail. He was nowhere to be found. Can't wait, so we'll go without him. He steps in just in time. He was in the bathroom, puking I assumed and one more dip of skoal for the nerves. Okay now we have Dad, we can have this baby:)

As they say, the rest is history.

God blessed us with a healthy and happy baby boy. He loves to play sports, especially baseball. He loves to pitch....dreaming of the Braves one day. We're behind you all the way! The new love is the guitar. A competitor at heart and can argue with the best of them. We predict a future lawyer....he says no way. We'll see. Never a pretender, always a realist. Knows Jesus Christ as his personal Savior! And an appetite for good 'ole home cooking. I'm praying he meets a good Christian woman who can cook, say when he is about 30:) ..........sounds like a resume for a dating service:) lol!!!

So, son #1, we love you and wish you a lifetime of happiness. Always stay close to God and let Him direct your path.

Love you,

Mom and Dad


Shaunta said...

It so doesn't seem like he should be 14! He is a wonderful young man and always has been!

Anonymous said...

justin was reading over me and when he saw that you put that he is going to be a lawyer one day he started arguing with it. Happy 14 th b-day Justin, oh what I can tell him right now be cause he is right behind me hahaha..

Carrie said...

You boys get off that computer and do something constructive like cleaning house or something:)

Your Mom

Anonymous said...

we did do something constructive, we went outside and swam.