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Monday, August 4, 2008

One More!
In reality God saved two more souls! My nephew Bud was saved "after" church yesterday, and his cousin DM was saved last Monday! They will both be baptized in a couple of weeks! I'm telling you God has really moved on this mountain.
We had a really good service yesterday and the spirit was moving with people in the altar praying. After DM and her mother joined the church we all dismissed. When out of the blue I hear my Dad asking everyone left in the church to come and pray with Bud. What a lovely site to behold. All God's children gathered around again and prayed for him. It was so sweet. To say Sister C was elated is a understatement! Like all parents, we wear the floors out praying for our kids salvation, and when it comes......lets just say....... you've got to Praise the Lord! We had another hand shaking and look forward to the baptizing. Joy comes in the morning!
Psalm 30:5 (King James Version)
5For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning
This weekend has been filled with all kinds of activities to which has left me exhausted.....but a good exhausted!
Friday night we had us a girls night out and celebrated Sister C and friend LM's birthdays! There is nothing like getting together with the girls for some food and fun.....oh, and who can forget the school bus pics:) lol!!!!!!!! Son #1 has confiscated my camera, and when I fetch it back, you must see these pics. Hey WL, if you are reading this....send me some of yours if you don't mind.
Yesterday my BFF, KT, brought me the best gift a Mom could and all! Son #1's birthday is tomorrow and she even thought of me! I'm so not deserving of such a friend, but I'm glad God saw fit for two little boys to start pre-K together over 9 years ago!
Back to the subject at hand......
I just can't praise Him enough!


Shaunta said...

I'm so happy for Bud! That is wonderful news! He is just the cutest little fellar. Your family is so precious and God is moving in a big way not only on this mountain, but in your family as well.

Deedra said...

What awesome news!! I'm sure sister "C" and the rest of the family is thrilled beyond belief!

K. Tilley said...


They are sweating from laughing so hard over the pictures and they are sweating from thinking about Bud.

You are truly my BFF (hey, i know what that stands for) and I'll ride the short bus with you anytime......LOL!!!