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Friday, August 8, 2008

I'm pinching myself.....

For several reasons.

1) I woke up (5 am) to the sound of a concrete truck outside the window. Phase 3, I think?, lost count.....should be completed when I get home from work today. I'll update this post when I get some pics this afternoon. Big pat on the back to Hubby for all his hard work! On to phase 4:)
Updated to show you the Before


Can you see me "not" hitting the wall backing out:)? Next phase should be laying rock on the wall.

2) It's Friday:)

3) School starts Monday:/

4) Football games are fast approaching. Mixed emotions here. Lots of running. But, I love this time of year. Fall is on it's way, and with that comes Tuesday games, Friday night lights and Saturday hot games. This makes for use of all clothing.....sweats, shorts, blankets, t-shirts, pants, AC, hot chocolate, vegetable soup, pecan pies....oops, that turned into menus somehow:).....get my drift:) I need more confusion:)...what to wear and eat:)

5) Son #1 is now 14:(

6) Son #2 is almost 10:(

7) 18th Anniversary this month!

8) Mom's on a heart transplant list. Big pinch!

9) Boys were saved and baptized. This is turning into a thankful list...still pinching myself!

10) Niece and Nephew saved, 1 baptized and 1 scheduled this month!

I'll have bruises for sure after all those pinches! Sometimes I just have to stop and take inventory. Isn't it amazing just how much God loves us.....every little detail.....He designs them all!

Have a nice weekend!



pallday said...

You are so crazy, lil sis. Just calm down and take it one day at a time. Life is good..go with it! Love and laugh a lot!! P

Anonymous said...

Yeah thats right pam, LIFE IS GOOD

Anonymous said...

Love the new background.
Green....your favorite!!

I told Brian this was our last free week-end till November and he'd better spend it with his wife romaticaly.......LOL!!!)))**

Anonymous said...

Ooops, I fogot I was in Hayden's account.......Duh


Shaunta said...

I agree with you on the clothing for football part! Last year, I would leave here dressed in a sweater on cool Saturday mornings and by the time I had returned home, I had on a tank top with a sun burn!

Deedra said...

LOL. I was reading Hayden's comments and thinking "dang, that boy is wiser than I already thought he was!" Especially when I got to the "romantic" part!

Great post!...and I can't wait for football season either!