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Monday, August 11, 2008

Part II of Pinching Myself.......

The sores are getting bigger, from pinching myself that is! My cup runneth over! Yesterday was another answered prayer. My nephew, that I mentioned last week, that was saved after church and will be baptized this Sunday.....well, his Dad joined our church yesterday and will be baptized with him!! Big pinch!!

I'm at a loss for words!

Not really:)

But if my tears were words, they will fill a book!

I thought my Mom was going to physically pass out from the Holy Spirit being so real to her. I just held on. With her heart being so weak, I wasn't sure if she could stand much more. Oh, but, God knows her condition and He knows what she needs. He will take care of her. Pinch!

As I dropped the kids off for the first day of school this morning, I saw all the faces of the kids. Some excited, some just blank, some talking with friends, some alone, some scared, some holding hands with their parents and some lost. I pray that all the students will have a safe and successful year. I pray for the teachers, counselors, support personnel, and administration as they try and lead our school and teach our children. I pray for the bus drivers as they carry them safely to and from school. I pray for the coaches, as they try and teach our children what being part of a team is and the discipline that goes with it. I pray for the players that they will have no injuries and a winning year, all the while showing good sportsmanship.

Let's join hands and lifting them up to God. That somehow, some way, this little country school can make a difference in some one's life!



K. Tilley said...

Ain't God So Good!
Great Post!

Anonymous said...

AMEN!! Your prayer is what has been on my heart. For the last 3 weeks I have encourged my Sunday School class to pray about school starting, teachers...and although I would never express this to them it is just really sad that we can't think of our schools being a safe haven anymore. I thank God for our small town school and so many Godly teachers!

Cheryl said...

Have you got a new look?? Well, I like it! I love your post today also. Glad to hear the good news about family. I really, really enjoyed your prayer for the school. We need to pray that prayer everyday girlfriend! Hope your kids have a great year! Love You!