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Monday, October 27, 2008

Ya'll Bless My Heart

I'm drinking from the saucer, 'cause my cup has overflowed!

Thanks sisters for all the wonderful comments you left from this post. I'm typing through the tears. They touched me so.

There have been some strange things going on lately. Seems God is in every detail of them too! Of course!

I love affirmation!

How cool is that?

Point being, when we get our words and thoughts aligned with the Scriptures.....good things happen. Why do I even question? Thoughts of, "I can't, why me, are you sure, what will they think, etc.....should be rephrased to, "yes Sir, anything you ask Lord, who cares what they think, I can, I will, ask me, I'll try, and so on and so on." I expect that from my children. What makes me think God doesn't expect that from me. I know how I feel when I hear my boys say the negative woe is me. I want to scoop them up and say, "yes you can, just try, you can do it, trust me."....oooooh...ouch.....I can't imagine how many times, especially at work lately, I've been faced with branching out, having to do things that are not necessarily in my safe zone. My knee-jerk reaction is, "I can't, I've messed that up, get somebody else, they can do a better job."

Poor excuses.

God will give you the grace and courage to face any obstacle or task before you. Just say yes. Believe me, it's better than taking a whipping any old day!

I just can't praise Him enough!!


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