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Friday, October 17, 2008

The Chia Pet and Me...

Do you ever get in a mood and just want to change everything? Happens to me quite often. I rearrange everything. The boys have learned to look for the couch before they just decide to throw themselves on it:) A little situation we have at home...where you don't just sit calmly take a run and go and move the couch a few feet when landing on it:) Anyone relate? ;)

Anyway....I've been in one of those switch-er-roo moods where I'm mixing things up a bit. Watch out guys:)

I had a haircut appointment last night and I took along a pic of a haircut I liked. I sprang it on K. She was shocked. It was going to be really short. Yes, I'm ready. It's only will grow back. And seeing my hair is kin to the chia pet, I'll I have to do is water it a little and bang it's back out there. Catch it when I say "out there". My hair grows out, not down:) Vertically challenged it is. I could not count on all my little piggies how many times my Mom and I just sat and cried over my hair:) I had a fro people, but mine was a bird nest version:), 'cause that was the only thing Mom knew to do with it....perm it:) lol!!!!!

Yesterday was the know where you think you just can't stand your hair one more day. Can I get an Amen sisters?

So, she did...cut it short. Thank you!!!!

I feel better now.

I got a few looks from Hubby and son #2. ;)

Son #1, said, and I quote, "Mom, what were you thinking?" ;)

Do I care? No ma'am:) lol!!!! And sirs:) lol!!!! BTW...which leads me to why men like for their ladies to have long hair? Or do you? Is that a pre-conceived notion we've just conjured up?

Why do we want what we know our God given hair is not capable of performing? For me....I've longed for the long flowing, when you shake your head it actually moves, kind of hair. But that's not what I got. Nope, I got "horses hair." Coarse, straight/bent, never moves, grows straight out, thick head of hair.
Did I mention I feel better?


Shaunta said...

Love the new do in your pic! I always go to Lacey with a pic of really short hair and she says "Are you SURE?" Of course, that is enough to make me change my mind! Glad someone is brave enough to go through with it! You look great!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I love your hair~!! I wish I could be that brave..:))

Anonymous said...

My man likes long hair but I am blessed with the kind that just gets stringier as it gets longer. You look great!