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Thursday, October 30, 2008


It's not Wednesday....but....this totally works for had to! If you suffer from allergies or sinus trouble at all, you will want to take note. Go here for RELIEF! You can find it at Wal-Mart, Target, etc., better yet...visit your local drug store. My local drug store is awesome. I had an unexpected $30 credit on my last RX refill. Now that makes me happy! MC and IDS you rock!!

It's cheap people! $3 for the applicator and $10 for 100 packets of the rinse. Ask your pharmacist, they may have it behind the counter.

What's crazy, I had given SIL this advice, only the Neti Pot, and never went through with it for myself. So, you have two choices, the NeilMed or the Neti Pot. Why don't I listen to myself?

I feel as if all the fog I've been in lately has lifted. I can see clearer, breathe easier and hopefully think clearer:) Amazing at what a good nasal irrigation can do:) and what came out:)....oooohhh.

Kinda messy, but definitely worth it! It's strange how you can squirt water up your nose on one side, and it comes out both your mouth and other nostril simultaneously. Cool!

All of this stems from a visit I made to the ENT yesterday. It's funny how when you think one thing is wrong with you, but the DR. proves otherwise. All this time I was thinking allergies were my enemy, to find out in fact it was my gut the whole time. TMI...I know. Anyways my allergies scaled down to 2 out of 4 for hickory nut trees and sugar maples. Not enough to be wreaking the havoc I was experiencing. Hopefully this will be the LAST post on allergies and such. I'm expecting NeilMed, Omnaris and Prevacid to cure all that is ailing me:)

Now on to what was really on my mind....

Mom felt like traveling with me. Bless her heart. It was a LONG day of testing and doctor visits. As always, she was a trooper. Thanks to God, and the prayers of my friends and church family for praying for Mom. I've been worried about her lately and it was great to be able to spend the day with her, even though it was in doctor offices. We talked. I just needed that! I hope it helped her as much as it did me!

Somehow:) we managed to have some fun. We had an itch we needed to scratch:), that required Belk and Target to fix. It's amazing what new clothes will do.

Oh and don't forget the snickers blizzard!



K. Tilley said...

I can almost taste that snickers blizzard. Heaven help us when the one in FP opens......tooooo close to home! Dessert always first!!

Do ya think I could get BT to use a Netipot? Worth a try......I'm going shopping!


Karri said...

I totally love my netipot! It has helped my sinuses more than any medicine. I got mine after seeing Dr. Oz on Oprah suggest it. So glad you got to spend some quality time with your mom. God is good! Bless your family!