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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Agony of Defeat

Have I mentioned that I'm a sore loser! Well, I am! Last night was one of those nail biting, barn burning, good 'ole football games. I love 'em! But I dislike the losing part. 26-28 was the final score. We led the whole game and they snuck up and beat us in 4th qtr.

Son #1 would not pose for a pic this morning. Imagine that:) So I'm forced to give you the visual: red, bruised marks on his face and neck.... and I think back. He'll be real proud of me advertising his battle wounds:) Oh, but just imagine what his opponent looked like this morning. According to him, his marks were results of him mashing his man into the ground:) You go boy!! Hurt 'em!! :)

Needless to say, we played hard, but came up 2 points short!

Another life lesson.

Even when we do our best, we don't always win. BUT.....every trial makes one never give up. Keep on keeping on till the Lord returns! Be resolute! Such faith honors God, and God honors such faith!

Try, try again! Even when Satan is grabbing your feet, trying to trip you up on every play:) Hold on, never give up...keep on trying...keep on fighting....singing that song from Selah.

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K. Tilley said...

Imagine how our Sunday worship services would be if we would all let go of those chains that bind us down and worship the Lord like the people in the video.....Awesome