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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Love thy neighbor as thyself

Sounds familiar? It should, we have probably heard and memorized Matthew 22:39 our whole lives. But do I really love myself that much? Hmmmmm...probably not. I should, but days when loving myself is lacking....can I really love my neighbor?

My devotion this morning was titled, "Accepting yourself." That is such a tight rope to balance. We certainly are not to be vain, but to love ourselves in a healthy way. Easier said than done. But not impossible, for nothing is impossible with God. He can see past my sinful nature and restore in me a new heart. A new way to see myself.

I hate to look in the mirror. Yet, I have them all over the house. I'm constantly dodging them:) I glance long enough, so as to make sure I'm not going to scare myself or others:) lol!! As the case lately, the mirror screams, " the bags under your eyes are the size of Mt. Rushmore." Mirrors and pictures do not lie! Truth hurts, it's ugly at times, but it's what I need. If I didn't take a look, OMG, what a mess I would be.

So I'm taking inventory.

Not closet inventory. Which reminds me of something I read about people being like a chest of drawers. We have a "drawer" for each situation we encounter. I pray that I will be a hope chest and have only 1 lid and that all the treasures inside belong to Jesus!

Good 'ole soul searching.

I love light and sunshine! Therefore, the use of mirrors to reflect the light. I want my house to be as light as possible. Shouldn't I reflect the light of Jesus? By all means, yes! Can I accomplish that, if I'm constantly beating myself up over how bad a Mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, neighbor I am? Don't think so. I use concealer to mask the bags under my eyes. What am I using to conceal my insecurities?

Lots of food for thought. So, while I'm pondering on all that, have you ever really thought about loving yourself? Be honest.



sharon said...

Are you hormonal again? I don't know what you see when you look into the mirror. Yours may be lying. When I look at you I still see a beautiful young lady. BREATHE...UNWIND....You are still BEAUTIFUL

Cheryl said...

I can remember a time when I was Wendy's SS teacher. I did NOT love myself at all and I was doing a terrible job of trying to teach her. She always understood me. One day she taught me by saying "you have to take care of yourself so that you can take care of others". That also meant, we have to love ourselves so that we can love others. She was so right! Great post Carrie!

Cindy said...

Loving myself? Hmmm! I'm learning but it's a lot of work.

How is your mom?

Blessings, Cindy

pallday said...

We are having the same train of thought. That is exactly what I have had on my mind...loving myself. God loves me, so shouldn't I? My prayer is to stop focusing on my flaws and recognize that I am a child of God and that makes me special.

Sister, you are special...I value you so much! You have so many special talents, especially your kind heart. I love you and I'm praying for you. Please keep me in your prayers. P.

Carrie said...


It's a mix a hormones and allergies:) Need I say more:) lol!!

Better yet, just ask the guys....