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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Prayer Request

Update below....

Today a very dear friend of our family is having open-heart surgery to replace a valve. BB is the kind of neighbor who will take care of you. He and his wife are so thoughtful and kindhearted. If you want to know who is sick and how they are, just call them. They are God-fearing, praying servants, who will visit and bring you the BEST EVER peanut brittle. As they face this crisis today, I would appreciate your prayers for him and his family today and the coming months of his recovery.

We lost a precious soul in our church family last week. Precious was her name. Very fitting for such a lady. BB and Ruth have taken such good care of her and her family, as did her niece. I know that each of them will wear an extra crown in Glory. God is faithful to them that love Him and care for His own. I am reminded today, and would love to share a little story that touches me every time I hear it.

During the funeral of Precious, the preacher shared a story she had told to him about her and her husband. I grew up next door to this couple. I loved them both so much. When you saw one, you saw the other. They shared over 60 years together! She told the preacher that when his eyesight was gone and she was on a walker, they would still try and make a garden. She would hold her cane next to the plant, while he would hoe around it. Now if that ain't teamwork!

God promises us if we have faith, even mustard-seed-size faith, He can move any mountain standing in our way.

Today as BB is having surgery and his wife anxiously awaits, I'm reminded of another couple just up the road, who faced such mountains together and with God's love, overcame each one.

I will post an update later on this afternoon.

Thank you for your prayers,

Update.......BB made it through surgery okay. Praise the Lord! He will stay in ICU for a few days. Thanks for your prayers!

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