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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hanging Out To Dry....

Remember the time when clothes lines were actually a must? Think about it, who used a clothes dryer back when? Around our neck of the woods, those appliances were used only when it was an emergency/have to situation. I used a clothes line up until just a few years ago. Between my job, the boys and their extracurricular activities the clothes line came down. That was a sad day. It was almost as sad as the proposed memorial/burial service we were to have for my friend, KT's, beloved Esprit flip flops;-) ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!

I miss it. There is nothing like the feeling of trying to step into a stiff pair of jeans straight from the clothes line. NOT! But the sheets....aaahhh those days.

I cannot believe I just said that.

But.....seeing that when I went to get a load out this morning and they were still wet...makes me reminisce about the good 'ole days. I'm contemplating reverting back to my old friend the clothes line. Not! Yet!

I refuse, well I prefer not to buy an appliance here at Christmastime. My sister C can sympathize with me;-) Right sis? lol!! I knew when Hubby was poking fun at you over the Thanksgiving house swap, that we would suffer the consequences:) Stuff always comes back to you. lol!

Something will have to give, 'cause I'm running out of clothes hangers and door facings:) lol!!!!!!!!!

Dear Santa,
My Mommy needs one of these.

A girl can dream...right?



K. Tilley said...

Bless your heart.....not a good time to have to spend money on things like a dryer.......

mom~of~4 said...

That is so funny.
I feel you pain sister.
My dryer, washer and fridge all went out within about 2 weeks. which i have always heard happens when you buy them all at the same time... AND THEN...if that was not enough, about 6 mo later,( which now would be about 2 weeks ago) the stinkin' dishwasher went on the blink!! SOOOO, my kids are LOVING me nightly, they have to take week about doing the dishes. One week 1 boy and one girl have to wash and dry and put up, then the next the other set has to do it. I have strategically selected one lazy child and 1 obeyer (don’t think that is a word, but it works)to go into each team. Mothering 4 kids......woohoo

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...


I love the smell of sheets dried on a line but unfortunately, every single time I've tried birds poop on them. And I do mean every time.

So, I'm a dryer girl...:))

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, how I miss the days of hanging out clothes...NOT!! I have never had a clothes line, partly because in the summer that was always my of used cloth diapers for a while...I was always glad when I ran out of room on the line...then one day I came home and.....SHE HAD DAD PUT MORE LINES UP..BETWEEN THE LINES!!! Oh yea, one other reason I am a nonclothes line kinda girl....nothing like putting on your stiff wind dried jeans and a SPIDER has made his home in them and you don't know it until your sitting in class at school and all a sudden you feel something crawling up the inside of your leg and I grabbed my pants and smushed it before it got to my....well enough of that!
Santa, I want one of those dryers too...oh heck...I want the washer to match also!! LOL (please don't bring me a clothes line)