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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Word is Out.......................

About this blog....I let 'er the family that is. My kids know about it....that's all it took:)
Also, my Mom came over to visit with me on Sat. and I showed it to her. She loved it! She said
that she needs all the prayers and encouragement that she can get!!! So come on and help her!

My Sunday School lesson for the kids this week was titled "God Answers Prayers". Amen!! All
we have to do is seek, knock and ask him for his will to be done. God will give us what we
"need"...not necessarily what we "want" and "when" we want it. It's the "when" that gets
me in trouble...patience...and I mean the lack of it. As we wait and pray for Mom a new heart,
patience is going to be vital! The song, "Four Days Late" comes to mind. When he's four days
late....he's right on time!!

Thanks for listening and praying! Be sure to leave comments....I'll give them to Mom.


P.S. By chance if someone does read this blog....I'm having a problem with adding my favorite
blogs to my list. Yes, the rest of you preacherwife bloggers....I read yours too! Help please! And
please give me pointers...I'm struggling here.

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