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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Every parent of a child with braces (on the teeth) look forward to 2 things: 1) the receipt

that says "paid in full", and 2) the day they come off. TODAY WAS #2! And wouldn't you know

it.....he wouldn't even SMILE:) For two years I have took him, if not once a month, you better

bet twice a month. And what do I get....NO SMILE:) I did however, threaten, I mean asked him

to smile for the camera....Dad deserved a peek at those pearly whites....since he paid for them

and all. What he didn't see was that I texted the pic to not only his Dad, but his aunts too!

Shame on me...but I think I was as proud of this moment as if he had won the noble prize. He

did receive some floss, a water bottle full of candy and some balloons, which I had to

carry.......what were they thinking....a 13 year old carrying balloons:) I loved it! After a Zaxby's

run, we were headed back to school. I wonder if he smiled for his friends? If so, he better keep

that one to himself. Anyway, we stopped by Mom's and guess what.....he SMILED! I do love

that boy.

So, enough of that.......Mom called B'ham and told them that she wanted to go ahead with the

transplant. She just wanted to say it......out them. Now she feels better about it and we

are ready. Hopefully the meds she is taking will get rid of the pressure that is on her lungs, so

the transplant will be successful. As long as pressure is on the lungs she cannot receive a heart

because she would just reject it. So for now we just wait. Her next appointment is in Feb.

Thanks for the comments.....I had to gulp.....somebody actually read this thing! And I'm still

working the kinks out....who knew that www. was so important:) I would love to have all the

cute buttons on the sides. Please leave me a tip.

Thanks again for the prayers and keep them going......Oh, and if you know of someone who

knows someone, etc. who has had a transplant...ask them to leave a comment...she wants to

know all the details.



pallday said...

One down, one to go (with the braces, that is). Justin looks too cute, of course he always has, and them!

I am so proud of you for doing this blog. The more prayers we can get for mom the better! Just want you to know that I love you, and big sis, and baby bro so much! I hope and pray that we all grow closer and stronger throughout this whole process with mom! Love ya!

Cheryl said...

CARRIE!!!!! I just found you girl!! I did not know that you had finally broke down and fixed yourself a page!! I love it. I am glad that the braces came off. Anna has about 2 more months and hers will be gone also. You can bet I want to see that smile also. After all of the going to appointments and making sure those teeth are being taken very good care of and "PAYING THE BILL" we better see a smile. HA HA! Kids are so funny. It just might not be "cool" to smile huh? This "cool" thing changes so much I do not know what is or is NOT cool anymore. Oh I just have so much to say but I will save your eyes some strain. I'm adding you to my favorite blogs. Wendy requested prayer for your Mom Sunday at church. We still have her on our prayer list. Glad you joined us in this world! If I can help in any way please let me know. God Bless!