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Thursday, January 31, 2008

New York, New York

When I titled this blog "A New Heart", it carried a couple of meanings. Both my hubby and I share similar concerns regarding our Mother's hearts.....and I'm talking about their physical hearts. As you know I started this blog when we found out that my Mom needs a heart transplant in the very near future. I wanted this blog to be a blessing to her and a way to express my thoughts, prayers, praises as we make this journey for " A New Heart". I have already asked for your prayers, for others in my life, and now I'm asking another one for my Mother-n-law. She is such a good Gran to my boys and I love her bunches.

To make a long story short....she (mother-n-law), found out she had an aneurysm in her heart back several years ago. It was in the main aorta and was going to prove to be some what dangerous to try and repair. After seeking several opionions, the risk was great to fix it, and even greater if she didn't. So, after much prayer and soul searching, a friend suggested she call a Dr. that was originally from this town. Yes, someone from this small town (he actually graduated from our small school) was/is a renowned heart surgeon in New York City. She made the call and the next thing we knew we were on a plane to New York. This would be the first flight for all of us! Scared out of our minds for the surgery she was facing, plus the flight, we get on the plane and laugh and cry hysterically on the way up. What a site to behold....two screaming women and a man who was in a cramped poisiton on that ity bity plane. Did you catch the one man thing....hubby rode on a seperate know...just in case. Brother-n-law and Sister-n-law came on had an inflamed tooth....not too good...he broke in New York by seeing a dentist ASAP! Anyway....we made it and were able to enjoy a couple of days sight seeing with her before the surgery. The surgery was a complete success and that has been about 6 years ago. Hubby and I can't quite agree on the # of years. So, she has done great now for several years. God performed so many miracles during that time. She is living proof of it!

So my prayer request for today is: that she will be going for some tests coming up in 2 weeks. She has been experiencing some difficulty with shortness of breath. I hope and pray that it is nothing and that if it is something...that medicine can take care of it. She assures us that she feels fine. We are just a little over cautious when it comes to her heart too.

And I actually got on the plane in Newark, New Jersey all by on ear with Mom, while she is telling me to get with someone who looks "normal:)". Yes....I'm sure you figured out by now that I don't get out of this small town very often.

Thanks for letting me bend your ear!



Anonymous said...

For some reason, I did not know about your mother-in-law! God is in the miracle business, always for His glory! I have yet to fly. Yes, I am a chicken! Glad you got to sight-see there! I so want to go to New York one day!

Carrie said...

It is a must that you go and take your family. Winter or Springtime is the best time they say to go. It would take me a while to tell what all there is to do. We loved it. We saw 2 plays!! Awesome! What a roller coaster of emotions that week. From hospital to riding subways, taxi's, airplanes...needless to nerves were shot:) But God was in the midst!!

Cheryl said...

I did know a little about her having some problems. I have always thought that she was so pretty. So many people mistake my sister for her. I hope and pray that she does well. She is so sweet. Tommy has been on planes but not us. The kids will not. We can not even dicuss it here. I'm glad that you had fun. God is good. God Bless!