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Friday, January 18, 2008


Mom on her Cardiac Therapy Graduation Day
with her grandchildren - June 2007

This is my very first post to a blog that nobody knows!!! I've wanted to try my hand at this, but have never took the time to do it. For some reason I had a strong urge to go ahead and do it. The "urge"was God speaking to me and wanting me to get this up and running for my Mom. You see, November 2006 she had a massive heart attack. Doctors were skeptical if she would make it. She did and now 1 year and 2months later we are faced with some big decisions. She visited the heart transplant unit (which she regularly visits every 3 months) yesterday, and did not get good news. The heart attack left her heart with little muscle to pump. With the help of meds and a pace make/defibrillator, she has done pretty good this past year. But we've noticed how she has seemed to decline over the last few months, and the tests proved that yesterday. She has 2 choices: 1) mechanical pump or 2) heart transplant. She was flown from Chatt. back in Nov. 2006 to B'ham for a heart transplant and she has remained on the transplant list. The Lord touched her heart in Nov. of 2006 and she began to get better....a Christmas Miracle was what the doctors called her. So, she came home a few weeks later and has been able to resume a semi-normal life. She is the most determined woman I've ever known. I want to be like her in so many ways. She is kind, loving, caring, strong Christian wife, mother (of 4), grandmother of 6, sister, friend, aunt, etc. She always puts others first! She is first on the scene with food, groceries or whatever is the need for that situation. I love her with all my heart and soul!
Please join me in uplifting her name in prayer! I'm asking God to please give my mother a peace in knowing what she should do.
Love to all.....


K. Tilley said...

I had to be the first comment!!!!

My prayers and thought are with you everyday. I love you dearly!!
Keep your stong Faith and remember God is in control.

Wendy L said...

Carrie, I love the blog.....I hope I'm never a topic!! Carrie you and your family mean so much to me and you are so very much in my prayers and I know the Lord will hear our prayers! I ask prayer for your Mom at Church sunday and I had so many people ask me about her. Keep up the good work!! Love ya!
Wendy L

Carrie said...

Thanks!!! As I'm wiping my tears....I thank God for all of my friends...I couldn't make it without you!!!!