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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Parenting 101

No one bothered to tell me just how exciting raising young men would be. There is so much testosterone in the house right now, it is oozing from the walls:) When you throw in my hormones to boot, we are having soooo much fun! Just ask my hubby! It's like my 13 year old and myself have lost our senses and cannot get enough rest. He could sleep around the clock and I'm up at night dreaming the weirdest stuff or just laying there with one eye open. My dreams are getting the best of me. For example, I'm running around trying to save children from a loose bull, falling over cliffs and fighting are just to name a few. By the time I wake up, excuse me, get up, I feel like I've ran a marathon. I even have a bruise now on my wrist that I cannot remember exactly where it came from. What's up you ask? or maybe your asking what hospital I need to be transferred to? STRESS is up!!!!
My 13 year old now belongs to the athletic program at his school. Don't get me wrong....I'm all for sports. I'm as competitive as the next one. It's the getting them there @ 6 am, 2-3 days a week, practice after school, pitching lessons, etc. That's the kicker. He's old enough to play on the JV, but not old enough to drive. The ball field is not on the school's premises, so therefore, he has to hitch a ride. I'll save this grip for another post. Anyway, the whole point is: if we don't get some rest soon.....DHR is going to show up at my house:) Before you call DHR on me....he loves to play all sports and like most kids he just doesn't like being woke up at 5 am to go workout. We have a small school and it takes all the extra training, practice, etc. to be able to compete.
So this morning I'm dragging him and myself out of bed. We missed the bus, due to a bleeding face (his) and no I didn't touch him. It's the result of the mean trick that mother nature plays on these know the hormones and all. He will absolutely kill me if he knew I was telling all of this. I feel sorry for him, and the worse Mom of the Year didn't show enough compassion to him this morning. Do any of you relate to this craziness or is it just me? We made it to school on time...and all is well for another day. He actually has the evening off!!! Whooohoooo! I think we'll lay on the couch this evening and hopefully listen to it rain, while apologizing and treating him with some dessert he loves! Sweets can fix everything!!!
Well enough of that!
I hope you all have a great day! Because everyday God gives us, is a blessed day.....HE reminded me of that on my way to work this morning!



Cheryl said...

Oh Carrie HONEY! I know exactly where you are coming from. Anna and me were laughing the other day because for the last several years I have been going through the change and she has just started becoming a woman! This has been the craziest house. Tommy and Ross are so laid back they just sit back and watched (or ignored) us. But things do start getting easier. Those years of driving to the school are one of the things that when they start driving, you will NEVER miss going there! I just love it! I still am involved but the extra time that I have is amazing. You go girl!! Hang in there! God Bless!

The Preacher's Wife said...

Okay - you are the second person in two days who STARTED A BLOG AND DIDN'T TELL ME! lol

But you are excused since you go to a neighboring church and were not aware of our own membership covenant that requires the preacher's wife be made aware of all blog activity within the body.

I'm so excited you are here!!

Love ya!


Mocha with Linda said...

Welcome! The Preacher's Wife sent me over. Blogging is a blast. I'm pretty green at it - been doing it almost a month - but I am totally hooked! And Lisa has been a big reason for it!! I'm so jealous that you get to hang out with her!

See ya around the blogosphere!