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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

You know you are old when.....

I've been hit by the organizing bug.

With baseball behind us, I feel the need to giving my closet an enema kinda purging. Free it of all unused items, and make it user friendly. Why after baseball you ask? When baseball season lingers on all summer long, the house goes to pot. Blogging gets tossed to the see the pattern;-) By the time it's over, I feel the need to wipe the slate clean, organize something and slap some paint on. This years project...our closet. I would show you the before, but it's too scary, so when it's finished, I'll post the after. The before....just picture a walk-in closet with the classic rod down each side, with 2x4 shelving. Not poking fun at the craftsmanship, it was the thing back 17 years ago. And has worked very well, I might add. You may ask...if it ain't broke, why fix it?

Two words.... closet maid!

I'm still an old-school kinda girl so when I saw this........

I had to order one. I found this one at $12 bucks! It will be perfect to hang handbags, ties, belts, scarves, etc. That way we will still have a touch of old school with the new.

I just had a funny thought. Hubby and I have had some senior moments here lately;-) So, we've been coming up with, "you know you are old when....." statements. For example, we went rafting over the weekend and was so sore the next day, we could barley walk. We were sitting at the table drinking coffee, me a watered, sweetened version of coffee, and hubby looks over at me and says, "you know you are old when you are sore from rafting and having to put fiber in your coffee." I add today, "you know you are old when you get all excited over a expandable coat rack and closet maid."



K. Tilley said...

I love how you relate purging and an! It's got to be the "getting old" thing cause that's all "old" people talk about was just how wonderful their BM was this

Angela said...

I was thinking the same think K. Tilley...but only down to the word..enemia!!! This getting old is for the birds! I fell right after the 4th of cousin reminded me that spontaneous falling is one of the first signs of old age! LOL!

This gave me just the laugh out loud I needed today!

Love you!

Leigh Anne said...

Funny. My daughter was just telling me something about fiber in the coffee! LOL Did I get that right?

Cindy said...

Oh come on girlfriend - we are friends you know - you must show us the BeFore!!
I love purging and organizing.
Can't wait to see the after.

Fiber in coffee - hmmm - interesting - I wish I liked coffee:)

sharon said...

Welcome to the older club, so glad you are here

sharon said...

Please tell #1 Happy Birthday