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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday and Anniversary!

Nineteen years ago today, I sobbed and nearly passed out on stage taking my wedding vows, on the same day Mom was celebrating her 46th birthday! We can't remember dates, so we try to cram as many celebrations on one day as possible;-) As for the sobbing and passing out, I really wanted to get married, I'm just a little on the nervous side;-) I thank God everyday that Hubs didn't leave me that day at the alter, while looking at the bride of Frankenstein;) I can imagine the thoughts that was running through his mind while he was looking into my Tammy Faye eyes and holding my elbows to keep me from tipping over;-) Memories!!!

All pun aside, my heart is so full this morning. I received such a blessing on the ride into work this morning. If you haven't purchased the new Selah CD, You Deliver must! With each song, I took a stroll down memory lane from our dating years to the present. I saw hardships, sickness, death. Those valleys then turned to laughter, joy and love.

Through it all we had to depend upon His Word.

Through it all He was there.

Through it all we had each other.

Happy Anniversary Hubs! Looking forward to the rest of our lives together!

Happy Birthday Mom! A little bird told me you got a "card" for your birthday!! I might as well tell it, since Dad announced your age to the church Sunday;-) Way to go Dad!


P.S. I haven't done a give a way in a very long time. With it being Mom's birthday, I'll do what she loves to do...give. Leave her a Birthday wish and you will automatically be in the drawing for...yes....the new Selah CD! Winner will be announced Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

I love Selah and since I am first to comment, I think it should be mine!! How wonderful to have 19 years of memories. Great marriages are hard work but are so worth the fight!

Deedra said...

Happy Anniversary to you guys, and a very Happy Birthday to your mom! You sound like Kyle on our wedding day. He sobbed like a stinkin baby. We have a picture of us walking back down the isle, Kyle crying...and everyone in the place laughing their heads off at

I hope you all have a great day!

Shaunta said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to your mom! I remember being at your wedding, but I was more concerned with how frou-frou the dress I wore was than I was with paying attention to the wedding. LOL You need to post pics!

Leigh Anne said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Hubs and Happy Birthday to Cathy!! Love you all!

K. Tilley said...

I remember oh so well Mary Murphree, ammonia stick in hand, ready to dash to the alter when you hit the But you made it and still standing strong 19 years later. I told Brian that next year we should fly somewhere to celebrate the big 20 and he said we could go anywhere you and I wanted to pay for......isn't that sweet of him.....

And Mrs. Kathy.....I love you dearly and hope your birthday was filled with lots of Joy.....( I know it was because you spent it with your family which brings you such Joy! "

Wendy L said...

19 years...I can't believe it!! I remember your wedding day and I can remember she going to make it...LOL. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to your MOM...I'm a little late on both but you know I love you all!!