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Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend of Reflection

I dedicate this post to Miss Eliza.

I was reminded on Saturday, while attending a funeral of a dear lady in our community, just how we can impact the lives of others. I love to sing. I love music. Both because of her. As I sat through this lady's funeral, memories flooded my soul. Joyful ones. They were of music. My first recollection of learning how to read and direct music was from this lady. She taught a music school each summer. Back then, as a child, I did not see any point in attending. My parents, however, saw differently. Thank God they did. Thank God she gave her time to teach us. It has been a lifetime gift.

I sat and listened to her son give a beautiful eulogy. As he described the Depression and how it shaped her life, I immediately began rehearsing scenes of those music schools. I quickly saw her standing with us and instructing us on the proper etiquette of beating time and how to sing from the diaphragm. She loved music. You could see it on her face each time she sang. I could hear her singing Saturday just like I did back then.

What I regret the most is not telling her just how much I appreciated what she taught me. I know God blessed her for her obedience to Him, but I should have told her. I hope the family knows just how much she meant in my life and how they too have been an influence. Her daughter shared the same love of music as her Mother. I know, because she taught me piano. Both are dear to me.

I'm inspired because of such a lady and I hope to do my best in sharing my love for music. What little ability I have to sing, I want to give it all to God. I want to sing for His glory. I want others to know Jesus!



Wendy L said...

This is so sweet. I hope Wilma reads this.

Cheryl said...

A great tribute! Wilma will be proud. I did not know Eliza but she was a very pretty woman. I do know Wilma and if they are anything alike I know she was very special. Wilma is a very special friend to me, and talented?? well, you know what she has and she shares it. Sounds like she got her sweetness and talent from her Mom! I hope you are feeling much better! It was so good seeing you. Love You!

Leigh Anne said...

What a beautiful memorial. I know Ms. Wilma would love it.