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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Lord Keeps A Record

This song has become very special. A couple of weeks ago Mawmaw was singing this song to my Aunt Myra. Actually at that time, she nor any of us knew the song that Mawmaw was singing for her.

While visiting with Mawmaw Sunday, we asked her to sing the song again.

She did.

We cried.

Now I'll pass the hanky to you.

I'm so thankful for technology. I hope we can get better, longer videos of her singing. I just happened to have my cell phone and caught a tid bit of her. Something I will always treasure.

As a child she said for past time they sat around and sang anything from scared harp to made up, crack you up, crazy songs. You should hear some of the silly old songs. She would have herself and all of us laughing in know time with them songs. So, from a woman who has trouble remembering anything, and out of the blue just starts singing a song she learned from childhood, just amazes me. It blesses me!

Hear are the words to the song:

1.What a wonderful beautiful picture I have

of a place with out sorrow or fear

And I'm going to live in that city someday

For my days are all numbered down here


My Lord keeps a record

Of the moments I'm living down here

He knows all about me

all my troubles, my sorrows, my fears

I'm living each moment

through the mercies of God's loving grace

And some day he will call me

To that wonderful beautiful place

2.I will walk on the streets of that city of gold

I will bask in that heavenly light

And I'll look on the face of my Savior so dear

In that city that cometh no night


3.Now I want to be doing the will of my Lord

As I travel this weary some land

So I'll not be ashamed of my record up there

When I stand at the Saviors right hand




Shaunta said...

What a beautiful song! I loved hearing your Mawmaw sing it!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

What a beautiful thing to capture!

Jen said...

That so blessed my heart. Thank you so much for sharing it. She is such a precious woman!

K. Tilley said...


Leigh Anne said...

What a beautiful words. What a sweet lady.