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Thursday, March 26, 2009



Mom should be home by now. The test went fine. Of course they didn't tell her any details. Assuming everything is about the same. Thanks for all your prayers!

I'm such a good daughter. I had no clue Mom had a heart cath scheduled this morning. So, I'm calling her at answer. I call her cell and ask if she's ok, and she says, "yeah, for now, I'm still waiting." What? Waiting where? B'ham, you know I have a heart cath this morning.;-) See, I really am a good daughter......not. How could I've forgotten? I'm telling you I've got waaaaay toooo much on my mind!

Please say a prayer for Mom today. Pray that it will go smoothly for her. She really dreads these things. At least her favorite doc is there and will do the procedure. She was excited about that.

I'll update later today, when I hear back from her.



Wendy Pope said...
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Wendy Pope said...

Thank you for posting a comment on my blog today. I am so glad that you are enjoying our journey.