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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

I would like to say thank you to all the Veterans out there. I thank you and your families for all the sacrifices made, allowing me to live in, "the land of the free." I'm reminded today of my Mawmaw. She always observed this holiday by cooking up this awesome meal for Pawpaw and Uncle R. Both served and fought for this country. We would all gather round the table and she would tell us of when Pawpaw went to war. Also, of how sad and worried she stayed when Uncle R went to Vietnam. I know how calloused her knees were from praying. They both returned home, physically unharmed, but emotionally wrought. I admire her strength. She made it her life goal to make sure they knew that she never forgot.

I'm sad today because she is no longer able to have those dinners. I'm sad today because both Pawpaw and Uncle R have gone on. I miss them. At the same time, I'm smiling because they are no longer suffering and are at home with the Lord. Imagine the feast there. Mawmaw's can't compare....and that's saying a lot!

We may not be gathered around Mawmaw's table today, but the memories are flooding my soul. I hope to one day share with my grandchildren just how Mawmaw honored Veterans Day.

God is so good,


Anonymous said...

You made me cry...what a precious Mawmaw!!

Wanda said...

What a sweet remembrance. Your blog is very beautiful too.

Wanda said...

What a sweet tribute and precious memories. Your blog is very beautiful too.
Thanks for sharing!

Deedra said...

What an awesome way to lift up the veterans in her life! Such a sweet tribute to your MawMaw as well.

pallday said...

How strange sis...I was just telling J about this exact same thing yesterday, how mawmaw always made Veteran's Day special. I to miss pawpaw and uncle R but one day...oh, what a day that will be!