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Monday, November 3, 2008

Mom Update

Update #2 below...

Good Monday to you,

As I'm typing, Mom is in B'ham. She was scheduled for a heart cath and doctor visit today. However, she has had a stomach bug over the weekend. She said she was better and was determined not to miss this appointment. I read this verse in my daily devotions the other day, to which it describes Mom to a tee; " The strong spirit of a man will sustain him in bodily pain or trouble." Proverbs 18:14 At times she gets down, questions, grows weary, but with the prayers of her church/friends and the wonderful grace of God, she regains that inner fight and refuses to give up.

I'm asking each of you to pray for her today. Pray the heart cath goes well and she gets to see the doctor. In her condition as of late with the bug, they may ask her to just simply go back home.

As soon as I hear something from her, I'll update.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We love you all so very much!


Update #1.... Just got off the phone with Mom...2:11 pm...and she had the heart cath this morning. She said it wasn't too bad and it showed that she was too dry (fluid wise).... they are instructing her to drink and eat more:)..and reduce the amount of fluid RX she takes. Now she is waiting to see Dr. Kirkland. This may or may not happen. As you know, she has tried seeing him on numerous occasions, to no avail. Good Lord willing, maybe today will be the day! Back l8r with more.....

Update #2....I stopped by Mom's this morning and she looked good. She got to see "the" Doctor Kirkland. God is good! She described him as small in stature, with a very quite and kind personality. He is the doctor who will most likely do the transplant. He explained how he could not get the pic line in her chest. She is just too small frame and her arteries could not hold such a big line. However, they are confident her neck will support the port that she will need with the transplant. Whew!! Also, the pic line meds are working wonders for her. Without them she would be in very bad shape. He is pleased with how well she is doing on them and will not move it from her arm. Mom came away feeling better in spirit too. He told her he is expecting her to get a heart in the near future. The antibody factor, is just that! It is harder to find the right match, but not impossible and has been done, lots of time before. Yeah!! He just reinforced her need to stay as healthy as she can. more losing weight!

I cannot express my gratitude for all your prayers! I'm praising the One who has kept her thus far and will see her through. God is so good! He loves me and loves you so much! There isn't anything to big for Him!


K. Tilley said...

It would help if I read the blog first before I email you with questions about your mom....LOL You know me, crazy!!!

Have a great day!

Cheryl said...

Said a prayer for your Mom and you today.Please keep us informed. Love You!

Deedra said...

Prayed for your mom today and everyday! I'm hoping she got to see the doctor after all!

p.s...the letters in your comment moderation are this:


lol! Amen-oni!

Cindy said...

Was your mom able to see the doctor? I continue to pray.

Thanks for your encouraging words on my blog.

I am doing well.