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Monday, November 17, 2008

Manic Monday

I feel as if I'm on a fast track to nowhere. Life is passing so quickly. The weeks are so full with places to be, things to do, I feel as if I'm on the edge of my seat at all times.....physically speaking:) There is no sense in sitting all the way back in a seat or dare I say prop my feet up, 'cause as sure as I do, it's time to be somewhere else.

Life throws changes our way. How are we going to deal when the curve ball is thrown? Today I choose to wait, pray, keep a watchful eye and then give it all I've got! If you had asked me how I dealt a few days ago, well, let's just say it wasn't pretty:)

When we get stressed out, we break down and allow our emotions to get all out of control. It seems lately I've noticed more anger from people, myself included, over the pettiest things. Why?

Today's devotion hit me hard. It was titled, "Control your anger." Very timely. Ephesians 4:31-32 says, "Get rid of all....anger.....forgiving each forgave you."

My prayer is to start every day by asking God to help me act in ways that honor Him.

God is so good,


Cheryl said...

I can't imagine you ever being angry! You are always soooo sweet! You are so right about the anger and bitterness that some people seem to hold on to. It is so sad. I have noticed it in kids also. We need your devotion everyday. If there was less anger in this world imagine how things would be. Imagine how pleasing this would be to God!

pallday said...

One thing about having surgery, it slows you down. I received much needed sleep and rest, if it would only last. Yesterday's devotion also hit me hard. I do not want to be consumed with anger...I want to forgive (especially myself) as Christ forgave me! Let's pray for each other that we won't let life overtake our lives, our emotions, and our time...that we will always be mindful of God's grace. Thanks for all the prayers during my surgery! Love...Sis P