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Monday, June 8, 2009

Cutting the Apron Strings

A little at a time we have to cut those apron strings. It hurts. But it's part of life. As I left son #1 at football camp, the unraveling began....165.8 miles, 3 hrs 24 minutes of unraveling...yikes! Thank goodness when something is unraveling, it's still hanging on, maybe just by a thread, but it's still connected. God willing, the string will hang on for a few more years.


Son #2 is also away from the nest....552.9 miles, 11 hr 54 minutes to be exact...double yikes! He's having the time of his life. Vacationing with grandparents is every kids dream. All the fun and ice cream you want!

Thus my somber mood today.

Empty nest syndrome.

But when I see the excitement on their faces when they are experiencing something new, I can't hold them back. It's time to spread their wings and do a little test flight.

Man it's hard.

Praying for their safe return!



sharon said...

Hard to do (let go) Someday that empty nest becomes permanent. Love the fire out of your husband while the boys are away, because he will still be there when they are really gone. I hope that you enjoy your week

Shaunta said...

I don't know if #2 or his Pawpaw was looking forward to their trip more. I know you will be glad when they come home!

K. Tilley said...

As good parents we do our very best to raise our children up to have sound judgement, a good work ethic and give them experiences to instill in them the ability to live life to the fullest so why is it so hard to think about them living under another roof oneday? Impossible to think of them living in another State for goodness sakes! What ever did we do with ourselves and our time for the first five years of marriage? LOL

Anonymous said...

It is hard. I am thinking of the two of mine as adults, though they still live at home, I am not needed quite so much anymore. God knew what He was doing in His perfect timing when He gave me Ally.
Sharon is right! Enjoy your husband. One day it will be just the two of you again.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

definitely not always easy to cut those strings. sometimes i think my grown daughters are still hangin on!

Sue said...

Aw Bless your heart Sweetie. Take this time of your "empty nest" and go do something special just for you! Take in a chick flick. Get a mani/pedi. Shop 'til you drop. Sleep in and read the day away. Enjoy this mini-vacation time and then rejoice when your boys are back home safe & sound!

Wendy L said...

I gotta go with Sue, that's something I would do....the whole love the fire out of your husband thing....well..YUCK!! Haahaahaa!!