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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Weird Dreams and Sleepless Nights

K. So I'm going through a bought of sleepless nights due to some very weird dreams. I do that from time to time. And I'm flat worn out from all the tossing and turning. I'm ready for a good nights sleep. Any suggestions?

Note to self: what happens from blog overload!

You should get a kick out of this one.....

Apparently after reading blogs over the past few days, my mind made it's own version of Holly's and Lisa's vacations. Here it goes........Hubby and I were in South America, (guessing Deedra's post promted the location) on vacation and we walk into this huge Olympic size swimming pool arena. We take our seats to watch the show and lo and behold, we look down and see none other than Luke and Lisa. Lisa was swimming with the dolphins;-) lol!! I'm talking Lisa had some awesome maneuvers in and out of the water. Those dolphins were flipping her up and out of the water so high and she was turning all sorts of acrobatic stunts. Then, we turn from them to this guy we know from church, RT, and he's wearing Tenn. orange from head to toe. Y'all he's a die hard Alabama fan! lol!!!!

Interpret please?



P.S. Your welcome Lisa! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Leigh Anne said...

Tenn Orange, you are having my nightmare except mine is reality. There is orange everwhere here. Even in our house. I do keep it as unnoticiable as possible. My husband doesn't even attempt to wear it! LOL Roll Tide!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Wow - what a nightmare! I will pray that can get a really good night's sleep tonight. The thing that helps me sleep good is to sing a worship song in my head when I go to sleep - or better yet pop in a praise and worship tape to listen to while going to bed and it will relax you like nothing else!


Sue said...

Um... no pizza before bed! That's my advice ;-)

Seriously, hope those nightmares stop. I hate having bad dreams. I usually pray when they come (or wake up hubby and have him pray for me)

K. Tilley said...

Last Thursday's shopping trip just wasn't enough of a break. We need the mountains! Two or Three days in the mountains doing nothing but sleeping and And reading....when B and J aren't

Deedra said...

LOL. I always knew Lisa would have some mad swimmingwithdolphin skillz!

Rhonda said...

That's hilarious! I graduated from THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE!!!! GO VOLS!!!!!!! hahaha! Actually, we pull for almost all of the SEC as we know boys who play football for several of the teams, and we have to support them! haha!

Have a blessed day!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I LOVE it! I'm glad I can have fun in someone's dreams because mine usually consist of my teeth crumbling out..LOL

I love yoU!